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You guys did such an unbelievable job. We are so thankful and happy to have worked with you guys and to have met you!

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Daniel Blumer, CEO
Raised $2.5M for Revols

Our Job

We help creators maximize their crowdfunding projects by reaching new audiences using high-precision advertising on Facebook and Google.

Our Technology

Our proprietary analytics software is the main reason we’re able to produce exceptional returns on ad spend at high volumes of traffic.

The brainchild of Princeton PhDs and veteran PPC professionals, our software reads data from Facebook, Google and Kickstarter and cross-references it to analyze performance in real time. It then outputs live, statistics-backed data for precise targeting, budget allocation, message optimization and projected returns for different spending levels.

On the front end of our software is our live analytics dashboard providing complete transparency. It allows creators to closely track their project’s key metrics  - pledges, backers, ad spend, fees and returns - and make fully informed decisions about their campaign.

Our Service

We put the experience we’ve gained promoting hundreds of Kickstarter projects at creators’ disposal.

From ROI analysis to budget planning, consultation and tips, we’re always here to offer advice and guidance.

Our collaboration with our clients is limited in time but definitely not in intensity. Our performance-based compensation model and cancel-anytime policy, make us 100% committed to generating high returns while keeping things simple, controllable and fully transparent for the creator.

Our Advantage

ROI & Volume

Combining our proprietary analytics software with our extensive Kickstarter expertise allows us to generate unparalleled returns at high volumes. Every dollar spent on advertising usually results in $5 to $15 in pledges, even with budgets of tens of thousands of dollars over 3 weeks.

Full Control

While we help with estimates and recommendations on daily ad budget, the creator has the final say on any budget decision. With the help of our analytics dashboard’s display of real-time ad performance, creators can make informed budget decisions. The higher the returns and margins on rewards and the more aggressive they play, the higher budgets and traffic volumes rise.

Risk Free

We only charge a percentage of the revenues directly attributable to our efforts. There are no upfront, setup or hidden fees of any kind. Plus, our service can be ended via email notification at any time, so creators risk nothing whatsoever.


Start a conversation

Our ad campaigns perform best with projects in the high-six or seven figures. If you’re running a project like that or planning to launch one in the next couple of weeks, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you promptly.